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 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make application to the Mary Weslin Home?


The first step is to request an application (or print online form).  After you have reviewed the guidelines and rules and have completed and returned the application, we will contact you for an interview/assessment.  At the interview, you may be asked to gather pertinent records to complete your application process.  The maternity home staff will review the assessment and determine if our program is the best placement for meeting your needs.  You will be notified of the decision, and if a room is available, your move in date will be established and you will be given further instructions.


How long may I live at the maternity home?


You may stay until the delivery of your baby.  If a single-parenting plan is made, then a period of transition in the maternity home may be allowed in certain circumstances.  If an adoption plan is made, then you have the option of staying at the maternity home for approximately six weeks.


Will I have my own room?


No.  The Mary Weslin Home is a residential home with bedrooms.  You may have another roommate in the same room.


May I work while living at the maternity home?


Yes, as long as it is within driving distance of the home. 


I am homeless.  Can I move in tomorrow?


No.  The maternity home is not an emergency shelter.  You will need to make arrangements for shelter until the application and assessment process is completed.


What would prohibit me from being considered for the Mary Weslin Home?


  1. If you have a felony offense against a person or family, or public indecency, or violation of the Iowa Controlled Substances Act.
  2. If you have dependent children or children who require lengthy visitation privileges.
  3. If your therapeutic needs are beyond what we can address.  For example, we are not equipped for substance abuse rehabilitation or severe mental diagnosis/disorder.


Is there a charge to live at the Mary Weslin Home? 



Are there any forms to fill out?

Yes.  Click here  to link to our forms.